Thursday, April 17, 2008

Herbal and Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Though expensive pharmaceutical and surgical treatments for hair loss now exist, why not first try herbal and natural remedies for hair loss first? You should be able to determine with a few months if they're working for you or not. The pharmaceutical advertisements don't promise results any sooner than that either.

The most important cause of loss of hair is inadequate nutrition. Even a partial lack of almost any nutrient may cause hair to fall. Persons lacking in vitamin B6 lose their hair and those deficient in folic acid often become completely bald. But the hair grows normally after the liberal intake of these vitamins. Other important causes of loss of hair are stress such as worry, anxiety, and sudden shock; general debility caused by severe or long standing illnesses like typhoid, syphilis, chronic cold, influenza, and anemia, an unclean condition of the scalp which weakens the hair roots by blocking the pores with the collected dirt; and heredity. Read more

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