Tuesday, October 7, 2008

LSD Cures Man's Headache

Cluster headaches cause such severe pain that some sufferers are driven to suicide. One man believes he's found a surprising cure. Of course, this cure is banned by the government "for your own good."

This is the story of a man known online as Flash – a man driven to the brink of suicide by the debilitating effects of cluster headaches. After years of ineffectual treatments, Flash stumbled on what he declared was a new treatment, as controversial as it was, he claimed, effective: hallucinogenic drugs.

Flash was ridiculed by the cluster headache community for his "miracle cure". But when a survey of fellow sufferers who self-medicated with hallucinogens was published in the mainstream journal Neurology, the results gave weight to his claims. The Harvard Medical School scientists who conducted the survey have now applied for a preliminary clinical trial on the subject.

Cluster headache (CH) remains an enigma to the medical profession. Read more

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