Friday, July 24, 2009

Do Penis Enlargement Exercises Really Work?

Penis enlargement exercises seem to be promoted everywhere nowadays, but do they really work? Many people are keen to dismiss penis enlargement exercises as myths even though they are not familiar with the facts. Penis enlargement exercises have been around in one form or other for a very long time. Penis enlargement through exercise is possible. Svetlana Ivanova at Sex Secrets discusses penis enlargement exercises and gives this unique testimonial to their effectiveness:

Does natural penis enlargement really work? I can’t speak directly from personal experience, lacking the equipment to do so. However, I know that penis enlargement exercises work for at least some men because a former lover – after I commented of the size of his penis – confessed that he had used them to increase his penis size an inch and a half. I can’t think of any possible reason for a man to say that unless it were true. Read more

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