Friday, April 30, 2010

Vitamin K Helps Prevent Strokes, Alzheimer's, Atherosclerosis

Margaret Durst explains the wonders of Vitamin K.
Vitamin K is much more than a blood clotting agent. Vitamin K improves bone density, aids in preventing hardening of the arteries, and is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin E or coenzyme Q10.

There are 3 known forms of vitamin K. K1 is found in dark green leafy vegetables. K2 is synthesized in the body by the healthy bacteria in the gut and is found in naturally fermented foods. K3 is synthetic and tends to generate excess free radicals and should be avoided. Read more

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Which Fruits and Vegetables Are Most Effective against Cancer?

Preventing cancer isn't the only reason for eating fruits and vegetables, but if it's one of your reasons, David Servan-Schreiber discusses which ones are most effective.
We've known for many years that consuming copious amounts of certain specific fruits and vegetables reduces our risk of developing various types of cancer. But a recent study reminds us that this protective effect is not linked to all fruit and vegetables. Some foods contain larger amounts of anticancer molecules. Thus we need to be attentive to our choices.

Lifestyle and Cancer:
Cancer is not a disease whose origin is principally genetic, as many people continue to believe. It is a pathology that is closely linked to a range of lifestyle factors, particularly smoking and obesity (which stems from our sedentary habits and our dietary choices). Several studies have shown a direct link between the regular consumption of certain fruits and vegetables and a reduction in risk of developing various types of cancer. Read more

Monday, April 26, 2010

Is Marijuana a Natural Health Miracle?

Is marijuana a natural health miracle? The list of benefits continues to grow.
Last month, New Jersey passed a bill allowing chronically ill patients to alleviate their pain legally by smoking marijuana. If anything, New Jersey is beginning to show some common sense.

There is an extensive list of health benefits of taking marijuana. A recent study done by The Scripps Research Institute shows that THC, the chemical responsible for marijuana's "high," can help slow the process of Alzheimer's disease. Other studies show that THC is an effective treatment for nausea, beneficial for patients such as those undergoing chemotherapy. Marijuana also acts as a pain reliever and is often used by patients with multiple sclerosis and glaucoma. Additionally, as Hunter Johnson, 21, points out, when you take Marijuana, "you sleep good, have a good appetite."

Any negative impact of the drug comes from the actual smoke, not the cannabis that produces the benefits. But even the smoke has an advantage. The delivery of marijuana through smoke makes the effects felt by patients within minutes, which is ideal for the treatment of pain or nausea. But smoking marijuana isn't the only way of ingesting it. Read more

Friday, April 23, 2010

Barilla and Hannibal Hood Workout

A hood workout is a bodyweight exercise workout done outdoors, usually in a park, but sometimes just using whatever you can find on the street. Barilla and Hannibal show you how to get in shape, or at least what it looks like to be in shape.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

13 Health Tips: The Expert Advice Turning Received Wisdom on Its Head

These thirteen tips for better health are simple, easy to do, and can make a big difference in your well-being.
Making tiny changes to your diet can have a dramatic impact on your health, experts from Oxford and Liverpool universities have found. It is estimated 20,000 lives a year could be saved if Britons ate one gram of salt fewer a day, an extra piece of fruit and less saturated fat. Top experts were asked for simple tweaks to boost your health... Read more

Monday, April 19, 2010

Scientists Find Walnuts Fight Prostate Cancer

Recently, scientists have found that walnuts could fight cardiovascular disease. Now researchers have discovered that walnuts also may help in preventing and/or treating prostate cancer.
Walnuts are a rich plant source of omega-3s, the fatty acids also found in cold water fish like salmon. Omega-3s are known to lower the risk of a host of health problems from depression to heart disease. Walnuts are also loaded with gamma tocopherol (a form of vitamin E), phytochemicals known as polyphenols, and antioxidants. Now, for the first time, scientists have reported that these nutrient-rich nuts have the ability to reduce the size and growth of prostate cancer. Read more

Friday, April 16, 2010

Is Agave Worse Than High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Dr. Joseph Mercola says that agave nectar is no better than high-fructose corn syrup. How could natural, organic, alternative agave be no better than processed, Monsanto-sprayed, genetically modified high fructose corn syrup?
Many people interested in staying healthy have switched to agave as a safer "natural" sweetener. They want to avoid well documented dangerous sweeteners like HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) but are unaware that most agave is actually WORSE than HFCS.

This expose will offend many hard core natural health advocates because they have been convinced of the agave hype by companies that are promoting it. Read more

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hindu Strength Training

This video demonstrates ancient Indian ground exercises, as practiced by Hindu wrestlers, for strengthening the body. For the most part, these exercises use your own body weight for resistance. They also practiced with Indian Clubs (Gada and Joris) of various sizes and weights, as well as the wrestler’s pole (Mallakhamb).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't Get a Prostate Test Says the Inventor

Don't get a prostate test says the inventor Richard J. Ablin in a New York Times op-ed.
Each year some 30 million American men undergo testing for prostate-specific antigen, an enzyme made by the prostate. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1994, the P.S.A. test is the most commonly used tool for detecting prostate cancer.

The test’s popularity has led to a hugely expensive public health disaster. It’s an issue I am painfully familiar with — I discovered P.S.A. in 1970. As Congress searches for ways to cut costs in our health care system, a significant savings could come from changing the way the antigen is used to screen for prostate cancer. Read more

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Use Push-ups to Build Muscle Mass

Former NFL great Herschel Walker was a mountain of solid muscle, yet he never lifted weights. Instead, he did push-ups. This push-up program, which is similar to what Walker did, allowed the writer to gain 15 pounds of muscle mass in three months. If that doesn't pique your interest, you have no idea how hard it is to put on that much muscle in that short a time.
Having spent many years doing many different workouts involving weights, cardiovascular machines, and calisthenics, I determined that the best way to build mass and boost metabolism is by doing pushups. Lots of pushups! After less than three months training, I was able to complete a one-thousand pushup routine in exactly 80 minutes. I gained 15 lbs of solid muscle mass, lost a considerable amount of body fat and consistently ate 5000-6000 calories daily. Read more

Monday, April 5, 2010

Leg Cramps: Home Remedies and Treatments

Learn some home remedies to treat nighttime leg cramps from pharmacologist Joe Graedon of the popular public radio show The People's Pharmacy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Your Brain Doesn't Have to Decline as You Age

Your brain doesn't have to decline as you age. It just needs the right nutrients, says Margaret Durst.
Mental Clarity and Memory are two things that most people assume that they will lose with age. Many people suffer memory loss due to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain. The brain along with every other cell in the body is fed by our blood, the "life" of the body. If proper nutrients aren’t getting to the brain, they either aren’t in the bloodstream, or there is a problem with the blood delivery system. Also consider that some substances in the blood could be toxic to the brain. Read more

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