Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marine Corps Military Workout Plan

This training routine for anyone who is planning on entering the military or who wants to just train like one and build muscles and burn fat at the same time.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil may be an old-fashioned home remedy, but Marsha Anderson says that it is still one of the best.
"No drug exists that has the ability to improve lymphatic flow; however, the job can easily be handled through the topical application of Castor oil," said Dr David G. Williams. In addition to increasing the flow of lymph, Castor oil can increase lymphocyte production and activity. Topical application of Castor oil through massage or packs has been shown to be an effective remedy for: skin keratosis, ringworm, fungal and bacterial infections, sebaceous cysts, warts, muscle strains and spasms, itching, reducing inflammation, and relief of pain. It can relieve chronic fluid retention, arthritis, gallbladder and liver congestion and can remove mucus in the lungs and bowels. It makes an effective deodorant and can be used around the home for tasks such as lubricating a squeaky juicer. Castor oil should not be used during pregnancy because of the risk of miscarriage. Read more

Monday, January 9, 2012

Erectile Dysfunction: 10 Home Remedies

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erect penis during sex. Having erection trouble once in awhile isn't necessarily a cause for concern. However, if erectile dysfunction is an ongoing problem, it may cause stress, cause relationship problems, or affect your self-confidence. Pharmaceuticals are widely advertised to treat ED, but before you try drugs, you may want to experiment with less expensive and risky natural alternatives. These ten home remedies have worked for many men.

1) Black currants

Consumption of black currants boiled in milk or consumed along with a glass of milk adds to potency and makes  a healthful bedtime snack.

2) Dried dates

Dried dates with their positive sodium and potassium balance can help restore potency where erectile dysfunction is the result of potassium deficiency. Dried dates may be snacked on along with pistachios, raisins, or almonds, which add to their effectiveness.

3) Garlic

Garlic helps with its antioxidants to improve erection. Two or three cloves of garlic before consuming food often proves to be an effective ED remedy.

4) Horny Goat Weed

An herb by the name of horny goat weed serves to add to stamina and proper erection by making way for nitric oxide-based reaction, which in turn improves the flow of blood in the penis.

5) Medicinal herbs

Two medicinal herbs by the names of Ginko Biloba and Aswagandha are effective in adding to stamina and potency. They can either be taken in forms of tinctures or as tonics.

6) Milk and carrots

Regular consumption of milk along with two tablespoons of grated carrot is another remedy for erectile dysfunction.

7) Okra

Okra can play an effective role in adding to masculine vigor and aiding erection. Apart from having it as vegetable; it can be taken in the form of powdered herb.

8) Onions and carrots

Salads consisting of onions and raw carrots also add to stamina.

9) Onion soup

Onion soup or broth obtained after boiling chopped onions in a medium sized pan filled with water is another effective remedy. However, if digestive and cardiovascular problems exist, onion soup may not be appropriate.

10) Walnut and honey

A mixture of equal measures of powdered walnut and honey may be beneficial for  erectile dysfunction. Taking a spoonful of the mixture three times a day followed by a cup of milk is an effective natural treatment.

No remedy, including pharmaceutical drugs, works for everybody. If one remedy doesn't seem to be working after a couple of weeks, you can try another. If fact, you can try more than one at the same time. None of them are dangerous for most men, and a combination of more than one remedy may be just what is needed to produce a strong, long-lasting erection.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Are You Fatter Than You Think?

Is your diet and exercise program really working for you?  Anna Hodgekiss says seven tests can help assess and fix your health risks.
With the festive season over, many of us are planning to turn over a new leaf and shed a few pounds this year with diet and exercise.

And new research suggests that when it comes to weight, Britain is in dire need of a reality check.

A Bupa study published last week found that four in ten obese people consider themselves a ‘healthy’ size, and too many of us are ‘blissfully unaware’ of the true impact our lifestyles are having on our health. Read more

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It Will Rain Sweat: 1000 Rep Workout

If you're looking for a fitness challenge for the new year, Zuzana has a 1000 rep workout for you. Of course, that's the goal, not where you start necessarily. For a workout breakdown, click here.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The "60% Effective" Flu Shot That's 98.5% Useless

Understand the basics before you submit to fear-based propaganda, says Joseph Mercola.
... Why You Need to Understand Basic Statistics Before Getting a Flu Shot

Some clinical trials are only able to show a meaningful benefit because they focus on relative risk reduction rather than absolute risk reduction. What's the difference? You can find a very simple explanation of relative risk vs. absolute risk at the Annie Appleseed Project web site, but let me sum it up here. Read more

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